Magic, symbols and legends. That’s what makes a Pueblo Mágico. Recognized by the Mexican government, are little towns that show our identity through history, culture, and nature, but also gastronomy and architecture. We’ve chosen five that happen to be just two hours away from the city. Who said weekend getaway?


Hidalgo state

It’s all about natural treasures. The star attraction is the Prismas Basálticos: ancestral and breathtaking. Formed thousands of years ago, they are bright rocks in geometric composition 40 meters high, that will leave you speechless. If you’re looking for a mystical experience, go to El Bosque de los Duendes, filled with elves and magic.

Check the route here: https://bit.ly/32lM6y5


State of Mexico

With cobbled streets and weather that goes from warm to damp, this pueblito is perfect for taking a break from the city. The archaeological site, located on the top of the hill, is a must. Fun fact: This is one of the five sites that still preserve monolithic in the whole world!

Check the route here: https://bit.ly/2TeI6v9


Puebla state

Nature at its best. This Pueblo Mágico is made for travelers looking for adventure tourism. From mountain biking, hiking, rappel, and skydiving, the thrill has no limits here! At night, visit the Zócalo and eat as many antojitos mexicanos as you can.

Check the route here: https://bit.ly/32p0AgM


Querétaro state

Beautiful churches and colonial architecture are just the first welcomes, then you see Peña de Bernal, the third-largest monolithic in the world! This mountain was formed 65 years millions ago by the force of volcanic lava. That’s why this pueblo is filled with energy and is considered a holistic town.

Check the route here: https://bit.ly/2PlLT8E


Morelos state

The definition of a little town: traditional markets, crafts everywhere, and good gastronomy scene: from fondas, street vendors to local restaurants like Tlecuil. The can’t miss experiences: temazcales (steam baths based on ancient therapies) and, if you feel intrepid, climb the Cerro del Tepozteco mountain.

Check the route here: https://bit.ly/2SSzuvg


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By Daniela Martínez

Photo credits:

Prismas Basálticos: MXCity
Malinalco: Zona Arqueológica de Malinalco
Huachinango: Dónde Ir
Tepoztlán: sipse.com

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