A journey for the pages of a book, a route through Mexican flavors, the colors and smells of the new year… Something nice to say goodbye to a not so nice year, something nice to end a year filled with lessons, something nice to close a year that taught us to open our hearts, no matter the distances.

Stories to go

The book section of Utilitario Mexicano is fascinating. Each book would take you on a great adventure through our gastronomy, history, travels, architecture, and design.

Discover all the titles here:

Devouring Mexico

Devoured is not the traditional food tour, it is an excursion to the liveliest side of our cuisine, where the streets, taquerías, and local secrets turn into the ideal setting for devouring the best of Mexico, tacos included!

Check all the details here:

Hearts & little miracles

Handmade of black clay by artisans from Oaxaca state, made of brass known among the locals as milagritos – little miracles (amulets), or carved and hand-painted wood… in Mexico hearts are beating everywhere waiting to be your most precious memento.

These are our favourite hearts:

Pueblo Mágico & Christmas

Christmas lights and ornaments, trees and pines … the Christmas spirit in all its splendor. This is Tlalpujahua, a Pueblo Mágico (Magical Town) in Michoacán state, just three hours from the capital. Need more? This little town is located in the mountains, so pure and so fresh!

Discover more here:

A home away from home

The last getaway of the year deserves a special stay. How about a home where you feel at home? A home where you feel, escape, dream, and connect with the soul and heart of Mexico.

Start you travel with us and book your next stay here:



By Daniela Martínez

Photo credits:

Utilitario Mexicano: / @utilitariomexicano

Devoured: / @devouredmx

Crafts: / @tiendamapmx

Pueblo Mágico: /

Temporary homes for a new way to stay in Mexico City, no matter if you’re in town for a couple of nights or a year. This is home away from home. 


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