Street food, flowers, spells and traditions

Between colors, flavors and traditions is how Mexico stands out from the rest of the world, and the best way to find that folklore is to visit the markets, those fantastic places filled with unique experiences… Imagine walking through aisles with lots of piñatas, handicrafts, then stopping at a charming stall to admire the colors and aromas of Mexican fruits… try a little piece of mango or a prickly pear -aka tuna in Spanish-, smell the Mexican snacks, lose yourself to the sounds… An absolute sensory adventure!

Want to know more? Keep reading and discover the most popular and alluring markets in the capital!

La Lagunilla (antiques market)

If you hear a local say: “Sundays are for going to La Lagunilla”, you’re in luck. The reason? This legendary flea market has all kinds of antiques, from furniture, war memorabilia, vintage clothing and hats, typewriters, and cameras. It’s time travel.

Looking for street food? Yes! With the classic Mexican snacks: quesadillas, barbecue tacos, tortas, and the famous micheladas, a beer with a local style, combined with lemon juice, salt and chili pepper. You have to have one!

If you stay at Amarillo Histórico apartment, you’ll get there in 21 minutes. Check the route here:

Mercado de Jamaica

Flowers, flowers and more flowers, oh and also all kinds of plants and cacti endemic to Mexico. A visual paradise where walking through its bustling halls is a glimpse of life.

A memorable photo of your travel? This must be the place.

You’ll also find an area dedicated to food and specialties, stalls with mushrooms and wild vegetables, nuts and all kinds of cheeses. Hungry? Go for the best rib huaraches in town.

If you stay at Mazatlan apartment, you’ll get there in 30 minutes. Check the route here:

Mercado de San Juan

Iconic, exotic and definitely the most gourmet market in the city. If you’re looking for a gastronomic adventure and satisfy your hunger with something new and original, you’ve come to the right place.

Edible flowers like astromelias or maguey flowers, deer or crocodile meat, fine herbs and meats. All are authorized for sale, as they come from accredited farms. Your visit would not be complete without the tapas and wine, or some Sinaloa-style seafood.

If you stay at Botticelli Tower apartment, you will get there in 32 minutes:. Check the route here:

Mercado de Sonora

Want an original experience, with a bit of mysticism? This mercado, located in the heart of the city, has to be on your travel list.

Known by the locals as the witches’ market, you’ll find everything, but really everything: love potions, lucky charms, herbal remedies. Here the line between esotericism, occultism and ancestral medicine is almost invisible. Are you ready to walk among shamans, witches and fortune tellers?

If you stay at Real de Hamburgo apartment, you’ll get there in 29 minutes. Check the route here:

Plus: Mercado de Coyoacán

Walking around the quiet streets in the south of the city is a must experience, and Mercado de Coyoacán is the perfect starting point to begin a stroll full of flavors, aromas, and many traditions.

In this quintessential market, you can discover hundreds of handicrafts, typical Mexican candies, antiques, and even costumes. And if we talk about street food, here they prepare it with art. Tacos, tostadas (the famous Coyoacán tostadas!), flautas, quesadillas… and endless more.

If you stay at Pabellón Cuauhtémoc apartment, you’ll get there in 40 minutes. Check the route here:

Do you want to discover more? Or, would you like a personalized tour to these and other markets on your next trip to CDMX? Book a temporary home minutes away from the most local side of the capital, and experience the tradition and charm of the mercados with us.

By Sofía Martínez

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