Pastor, suadero, carnitas, milanesa, barbacoa, chicharrón, campechanos… When it comes to tacos, we have it all. CDMX is a taco city with more taquerías in the country, practically there is one on every corner… And 24/7. Yes, even at midnight.

The taco culture is a whole phenomenon, so big that we’ve created a language: A taquero will always say hello to their customers with a friendly “¿how many tacos, güerito?”. And if you want them with cilantro, onion and salsa, they’ll say the famous phrase “goes with everything!”. Special mention to the question “with a copy?” (translation: with two tortillas and always say yes!).

The obvious question is: which ones to eat first? All of them! Or at least this top 5 must-try. Let’s go get some tacos, it’s on us!

The trompo

That mythical figure: red meat spinning top roasting, while an artist (aka taquero) cuts little pieces that he catches in the air with a tortilla. That’s what we call art. Tacos al pastor are a religion for locals; they’re eaten at any time, standing up (cause they taste better that way) and always with onion, cilantro, and pineapple. Caution! They’re small but you’ll get satisfied.

If you stay in Mazatlán, go to Tacos Manolo. Check the route here:

The king of tacos

The suadero tacos have a privileged place in the world of street food thanks to the irresistible flavor of their soft meat, it could easily be a world heritage. It is part of the ritual to take a look at the big steaming and bubbling pots. What do they go with? Spicy red salsa, cucumbers and radishes: pure perfection.

If you stay in Azul Córdoba, go to Tacos Charly. Check the route here:

Barbacoa Sundays

Yes, Sundays were made for barbacoa tacos. There are two kinds: suaves (soft), the traditional ones that have two handmade tortillas with shredded meat and red salsa, or “borracha” (yes, that’s what it’s called, and it’s extra spicy!). And dorados (crispy), which are the famous flautas with topped cheese, sour cream and green salsa. The consomé (soup) is a must.

If you stay in Roma Secret Garden, go to Los Tres Reyes. Check the route here:

From Michoacán to the world

“How many, joven? We have maciza, buche, nana, cabeza, cuerito…” That’s how a taquero greets you when you get some carnitas tacos, a dish originally from Michoacán state. If you’re a beginner, perhaps it would be better to start with crisp maciza, and be careful with the salsas; for the more adventurous eater, go for buche or cueritos. And remember: with one taco you can make two, and maybe there will be leftovers on the plate.

If you stay in Casa Tabasco, go to El Gran Abanico. Check the route here:

For the hungry beasts

Breaded milanesa tacos: crispy on the outside, extra soft on the inside. Imagine two large tortillas wrapped with a generous portion of meat strips, a little bit of green salsa, a little bit of red salsa… This taco will touch your soul.

If you stay in Pabellón Cuauhtémoc, go to Los Milanesos. Check the route here:

Extra: a taco of everything

A bit of longaniza, some suadero, and maybe a bit of tripa or lengua. Known as the perfect mix: the campechano. It has everything, tastes like Mexico, and, goes best with two (or three) salsas for the braver ones.

If you stay in Juárez Colorido, go to Los Cocuyos. Check the route here:

Don’t miss the best tacos on your next travel to the CDMX, and stay with us. We have the best locations just minutes away from the most popular taquerías, so you can experience the awesome taco culture with all your senses.

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