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By Andrea Muñiz

Mexicans have the tradition of sharing the Rosca de Reyes every January 6 to celebrate the Day of the Three Kings. This moment is celebrated with friends and family, and each guest must split their piece. Inside the bread, there are one or several dolls that are representations of baby Jesus, and the person who finds one when taking its piece should invite tamales and atole the Day of Candlemas that is celebrated on February 2.

In Mexico City there are several bakeries, pastry shops, and restaurants that prepare delicious Rosca de Reyes, you can find preparations with the most traditional recipes to the most gourmets, but each in its own way, recalls the tradition of sharing the Rosca de Reyes.

Here are the best places where you can find Rosca de Reyes and be part of this delicious Mexican tradition.

Panadería Rosetta

Walking on the street of Colima in Colonia Roma (or by Havre 73 in Colonia Juarez), and suddenly get the exquisite smell of fresh bread, motivate to take a break on the road to try the delicacies of Panadería Rosetta. Upon entering, their variety may make you forget the specialty of the season, but when you know that the Rosca de Reyes is filled with almond marzipan and lemon sugary cider, you will not hesitate to choose it. You can buy the individual size and enjoy it right there with a fresh coffee, but if you prefer to share, choose the family size and accompany it with a hot chocolate. Panadería Rosetta Roma. Colima 179, Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc. Mexico City. See map. Panadería Rosetta Juárez. Chapultepec Avenue, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City. See map.  

Photo by Rosetta Bakery

La Ideal

It is one of the oldest and most traditional bakeries in the city. Since 1927, they prepare a wide variety of bread and has been adding cakes, jellies, and cookies to the offer. So it was expected that in this delicious tradition, offered Rosca de Reyes. If you decide to try this place, we recommend you arrive early because there are usually many people.   16 de Septiembre, Historical Center, Mexico City. Clic here the see the map.  

Ruta de la Seda

In one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Coyoacán, is Ruta de la Seda, a cozy place where bakery and pastry focus on supporting local suppliers, so all their products are organic and of the highest quality. For the day of the Three Kings, here they prepare a rosca with a creamy filling that can be vanilla, chocolate, and orange. Going to Ruta de la Seda is always a guarantee, so if you choose this place to celebrate the tradition, you will have made a good decision. Aurora 1, Santa Catarina neighborhood, Coyoacán, Mexico City. See map.  

Photo by Ruta de la Seda

Pastelería La Suiza

La Suiza is one of the best-known pastry shops in La Condesa. Since 1942 they have prepared an exquisite bakery and pastry, and they are known for their bread filled with cream. For Kings Day, they prepare a rosca filled with cream that is a true delight. We only have one warning: they run out fast, so get there early so you do not miss this delicacy. Parque España 7, Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City. Check the map here.  


We have done something very well so that Maque exist in Mexico City. Their great achievement is to be a restaurant and bakery at the same time, they have fabulous breakfasts and a bakery that you must try. Here, the rosca is prepared with crystallized fruit and is one of the favorites of the city. Maque Condesa. Ozuluama 4, Countess Cuauhtémoc. Mexico City. See map. Maque Polanco. Emilio Castelar 209 C, Polanco, Mexico City. See map.

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