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In Mexico, the Three Kings Day is celebrated on January 6. It is a Christian tradition that, after the birth of Jesus, went to 3 kings from the East (Melchior, Gaspar and Baltazar) to pay homage and give gifts of great symbolic wealth: gold, frankincense and myrrh.

The letter to the Magi

In days before January 6, it is customary for Mexican children to write a letter to the Magi, with their gift wishes. And it is common that the letter is sent by means of a balloon that takes them to the letter to the Magi, they also leave the letter on the Christmas tree.

The first days of January were the characters disguised as the Magi in public squares and shopping centers, where children are trained for the platforms they wanted that year as a gift and took a picture with them.

According to tradition, children should leave a shoe with food and water for the Magi and the animals they travel with (an elephant, a camel, and a horse). And when they wake up, the children find their gifts under the Christmas tree.

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Rosca de Reyes

The Day of Kings meets with friends and family to share the Rosca de Reyes with hot chocolate or atole.

The rosca is an oval-shaped casserole made with sweet dough that usually carries orange blossom water, is decorated with crystallized fruit, ate and sugar. It can be filled with cream, cheese or marmalade. In Mexico, ceramic or plastic figures representing the baby Jesus are introduced into the small bread.

Each guest must go for the piece of the thread. And the person looking for the figure should invite the tamales and atole the Candlemas Day that is celebrated on February 2.

Rosca de Reyes in Mexico / ProtoplasmaKid

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