El Moro, Roma neighborhood

If you visit Mexico City during the December holidays you should know that during this time something unusual happens in the city, especially December 25 and January 1: the streets are empty, there is very little traffic and many places close these days to rest. But there are some restaurants that remain open and you can visit to eat Mexican or international food.

La polar

In this Mexican restaurant, they prepare one of the most traditional dishes of the state of Jalisco: birria. It is a dish made with lamb meat prepared in a sauce cooked with spices and chili. If you decide to visit La Polar during the holidays, we recommend you to ask for an order of birria with all its complements and a couple of cold beers. The best thing about this place is that it is open 365 days a year from 7:00 am to 2:00 am, so any day you choose, you can visit it. Check here the address.

Photo by La Polar

El Moro

It is the most traditional and beloved churrería in the city, perhaps because its creator Francisco Iriarte brought the recipe from Spain and was the first to sell churros in Mexico City. The first branch of El Moro still exists and it is still the favorite place for Mexicans to go for a chocolate churro.

It was to be expected that our first recommendation to eat is that exquisite combination of a churro dusted with sugar and a hot chocolate, followed by a torta and a boing (fruit drink). Fortunately, the tradition of El Moro extended through the city and now you can find branches in Condesa, Roma, and Polanco neighborhood. Check the map to locate them.

Photo by El Moro

Café Toscano

If you are looking for international food, this place has a great menu of Italian dishes: paninis, pasta, pizzas, salads, they also make crepes, quiches, pies, and cakes. And the drinks menu is extensive too, the specialty of the house is coffee Illy, there are herbal teas, infusions, wine, cocktails, and beer. You can visit its branches in Roma, Condesa, Polanco and San Ángel neighborhood, we share the map here

Photo by Café Toscano

Au Pied De Cochon

It is one of the best restaurants of French cuisine in the city and being able to visit it during the holidays is wonderful. Its menu is varied and extensive, they have traditional dishes such as onion soup, smoked duck salad, filet mignon, salmon trilogy or artichoke with crab. We advise you to keep a space for dessert and do not miss some flamed crepes or the classic crème brûlée. Check the address and do not miss any of its delights.

Photo by Au Pied De Cochon

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