Yes, this is how our great metropolis is known: City of Palaces. Part of the beauty of the capital’s architecture lives on those monuments that keep stories, that are silent witnesses of time. Palaces that not only contemplate the streets but also blend with the urban, with the local rhythm to create a city worth to admire.

But, before going on, what is the origin of this nickname? It was Charles Joseph La Trobe – British politician and writer- who visited Mexico City back in 1836 and when he walked around, marveled wrote: “Look its architecture: the monumental aqueducts, churches, avenues and the luxurious city of palaces…”. And the rest is history.

Discover those palaces in all its splendor is one of the many reasons to travel to Mexico City this new year. So, write down on your winter travel wish list these five must-see monuments:


It is considered the most ancient monument in the city built-in 1522. It encloses the Zócalo capitalino with its gorgeous colonial design and is the venue of the traditional Grito de Independencia celebrated every September 15th.


Made of steel and several classes of marble is a delight for your eyes. Our favorite element is the central sculpture known as El Tímpano that represents the music states: pain, anger, joy, peace, and love; together form nature’s soul. Inside, the art deco style and the murals by Rufino Tamayo, Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, and David Alfaro Siqueiros will leave you speechless.


Known by the locals as Museo Universitario del Chopo. It was built in Germany between 1903 and 1905 under an art nouveau style and materials that resisted its transfer from Europe on a boat and then on a train: iron, pressed brick, and glass. Once you get there, don’t’ miss the great art contemporary exhibitions.


With more than 200 years witnessing one of the most emblematic streets at Centro Histórico: Tacuba, it has been war headquarter, prison, school, and now: an international cultural venue.


Also known as Quinta Casa de los Correos; so it happens to be the place that manages all the mail in the entire country. Can you imagine being surrounded by hundreds of letters and postcards, letters and stories…? And that’s not all! We guarantee its interior is one the most beautiful in the world.


Looking at the city from the Cerro del Chapulín there is the only monarchical castle in Latin America keeping hundreds of tales and legends: emperors who walked in majestic gardens, epic battles waged in the halls, political leaders who ordered the creation of impressive stained glass windows and more. Much more.

Discover Mexico City and its palaces with us. Do you want a curated tour by these majestic landmarks and other beautiful monuments this new year? Our team can organize for you a personalized tour to say goodbye to 2019 in the best way: like a local.

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By Daniela Martínez

Photo credits:

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