Olivia Steele is a conceptual visual artist, born in Tennessee USA in 1985. Her style is characterized by neon light installations that pretend to give iconic messages seeking controversy, her goal is to challenge conventional semiotics and leave a clear space for interpretation. “My art is not about what I see … It’s about what I invite you to see” Olivia’s own words invite the viewer to be the one to make sense of her work through multiple contexts.

Photo: Manuel Anaya 

At the age of 14, Olivia traveled to Europe where she studied Visual Communication, she is co-founder and creative director of “Pret a dinner” and a true traveler who spends most of her time between Berlin and London. In her most recent visit to Mexico Olivia wanted to participate in The Local Way to pay tribute to those affected by affected by September’s earthquake. We thank her and share her message which you can visit in Laredo No. 18.

Photo: Manuel Anaya 

September 19 2017 13:14:40

Mexico City was hit by an earthquake that affected our community, our neighbors, streets, houses, buildings and lives forever. In commemoration of this day, we invited the artist Olivia Steele to intervene our The Local Way building in Condesa. With love and intention, Olivia created a tribute in honor to all our neighbors that lost their lives and homes – We are all one, living this life together – their loss is our loss and we will not fail to honor their memory. It was the efforts of the people, which provided the support and relief in that time of crisis. In essence, we are “Alone, Together, and Alive Forever”. In her piece, Olivia reflects this unique energy that the Mexican citizens bonded together and brought the light in the time of immense darkness and chaos, with tremendous love, unity and solidarity.  Infinite gratitude to our neighbors, friends, family, firemen, policemen, civil protection, military, marines, rescue dogs, amongst others, that with their support and courage made it possible to return hope to our neighborhood and our country. In memory of all who we have loved and lost, and a reminder that we will “See you on the other side” #INMEMORIAMSS19

Photo: Manuel Anaya 

Temporary homes for a new way to stay in Mexico City, no matter if you’re in town for a couple of nights or a year. This is home away from home. 


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