If you live in Mexico City or come to visit for a few days you have to know that there should always be time to go to Chapultepec, since it is very likely that every time you go you will find something new. The Botanical Garden is one of those secrets not so secrets that you have to discover. Just a few meters from Reforma, one of the main avenues in the city, where you can find this metropolis oasis. There you can find approximately 400 species of plants, 18 gardens that have seasonal crops, flowers, agaves, etc. This botanical garden makes you an invitation to know the great biodiversity of Mexico and some unique plants from our country. The Botanical Garden also has workshops and courses for all those interested in agricultural, ecological and healthier life techniques. Enjoy an excellent day in the lungs of the city and remember that Chapultepec will always have a surprise for those who dare to venture.

Photo – MXCITY

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