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Mexico City has become one of the favorite destinations for travelers from around the world. And it is a city so fascinating and unique that when you discover it, you will want more time to live it. Any time of the year is ideal to visit, but if you are considering traveling in January, we share 5 reasons why it will be a great destination:


Most of the year, Mexico City is warm and sunny, so if you are looking to escape from cold weather, it is a great destination to enjoy the sun. Even in winter, the weather remains warm with temperatures around 70º to 74ºF. Mornings can be a little cold but as the sun rises the environment keeps warm. 

If you want to know the weather during your visit, check it here.

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Cheap flights

After the holidays, the demand for tourism is reduced and January becomes the best month to get cheap flights. Also, if you book a flight more than three weeks in advance, you can save more than 30% on your purchase.

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Short lines

In Mexico, the holidays are finished between January 2 and 8, so it is a great advantage if you visit Mexico City after these dates because many of the tourist places are no longer in demand, waiting lines are smaller and you can have a better experience in the city.

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In January the sales of the winter season begin. From January 8 to February 28, stores offer discounts on a large part of their products and services. In Mexico City, there are several shopping centers and shopping areas that you can visit to take advantage of the sales of the season. In Polanco is Avenida Presidente Masaryk and Antara Fashion Hall, in the Historic Center you can walk Avenida Madero where many shops and international brands are located, and in the south of the city, very close to Coyoacán is Oasis Coyoacán.

Few tourists

When the festivities of December and January are over (Mexico celebrates Three Kings Day on January 6), the tourist season falls considerably and the city becomes a magnificent destination to discover. Starting because it is one of the cities with more museums and cultural spaces in the world, in terms of gastronomy, it is fantastic, you can enjoy from the most traditional cuisine to signature cuisine. And there are also the people, the Mexicans are warm and friendly so you can ask them for recommendations or directions without any problem.

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