On November 1st and 2nd Mexico celebrates the Day of the Dead. During these days, the cemeteries are adorned with flowers and candles, besides at Mexican homes offerings are placed to receive the loved ones, because according to the belief, the souls travel from the beyond to the world of the living, visiting their family and friends.

In addition to those customs, there are different activities in Mexico City to celebrate one of the most representative traditions of our country.

The majestic offerings

The offerings are intended to honor family members who are no longer alive, it is also a way to remember them and show them affection. Different elements are placed into the offerings to help the souls find the way back home, as well as personal objects, food, and drinks that they used to like.

In Mexico City, there are several museums as the Anahuacalli Museum, the Dolores Olmedo Museum and the Casa Estudio of Diego and Frida, which make offerings in honor of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Also, you can find offerings at public squares, for example, at the Zócalo, a super large beautiful offering is placed. Definitely, a must-see during this season.

11030130. Puebla, Puebla.- En conmemoración del Día de muertos, se colocó una ofrenda monumental con calaveras de papel mache realizadas por artesanos locales, hoy en el patio del Palacio Municipal de Puebla. NOTIMEX/FOTO/CARLOS PACHECO/CPP/HUM/

Photo by Star Media

The bread of the dead (pan de muerto)

It is a Mexican bread very special, that is only prepared during the Day of the Dead season. The bread of the dead varies in shape and taste according to the region. For example, the one that is prepared in Mexico City has a round shape, and bits of bread are added to represent the skull and bones of the deceased and sprinkle sugar on it. Also, you can find different variations: bread filled with cream, marbling, salt or chocolate.

Traditionally, the bread of the dead is usually placed on the offerings to accompany the foods that the deceased used to like. But we also enjoy so you can find it in many local bakeries and restaurants, we recommend you try the one they make in Lonchería EnoPastelería La Suiza, and Panadería Rosetta.

 Photo by Cultura Colectiva

Mexican markets

When the first days of November approach, the markets begin to prepare for the Day of the Dead. In these places, you can find all kinds of ornaments and special food for the celebration. The halls are perfumed by the flowers of cempasúchil, nube and terciopelo flowers, and chrysanthemums. On the roofs of every market, Mexican cut paper flies with all kinds of shapes and colors. There are candles, chocolate and sugar skulls, incense and copal to decorate the offerings.

Although in most markets you could find those elements, we recommend you visit the Mercado de Jamaica, Mercado de Portales or Mercado de Coyoacán.

When you stay at The Local Way, we can share recommendations to live the celebration of the Day of the Dead in Mexico City like a local.

Also if you wish, our concierge can schedule a special tour for you.

Flores para Día de Muertos / Andrea Muñiz

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