Mexico City is a banquet of postcards, flavors and smells, textures, sounds, colors, patterns… that inspire anyone who walks through its barrios. And if we talk about experiences that nourish the senses for your next trip, you can’t miss these three:

Arca Tierra in Xochimilco

The site is magical and full of history: Xochimilco, a glance into our pre-Hispanic inheritance. This is not the typical trajinera tour, Arca Tierra takes you further; they take you into the soul of this oasis in a rural and natural experience in the chinampas.

As the sun rises, you feel nature. And not only with idyllic landscapes around you, but also with a breakfast prepared with the day’s harvest: organic, local and delicious, a taste of our gastronomic heritage. The grand finale is a tour to discover the benefits of regenerative agriculture.

San Juan, the barrio

If you can eat it, you’ll find it here! The most popular venue is the mercado… Yes, that’s right: the one that sells exotic products such as scorpions, indigenous mushrooms, lobsters, grasshoppers… And the one where one can find fondas, tapas bars and cebicherías. But that’s not all, in this barrio there are taquerías and tacos everywhere: pastor, roasted chicken, cabeza, placeros, carnitas and even green sausage and chorizo from Toluca state.

Not everything is gastronomy, the architecture of this neighborhood is profoundly historical. With basilicas, fountains and buildings from the pre-Hispanic and colonial times that blend with the bustle of the street markets, bazaars and mercados.

Secrets of Chapultepec

A sensory and a botanical garden, also another dedicated to water, with ponds, murals and pre-Hispanic fountains. An audiorama with the sounds of the forest, a literary hideaway where Don Quixote invites you to contemplate the serenity of nature.

In Bosque de Chapultepec, countless hideouts are a treat for the senses.

If you’re looking for a trip filled with experiences for your senses, our local guide connects you. Stay with us, it will be the beginning of a multisensory travel experience.

Photos: Arca Tierra,,

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