The exciting thing about traveling to a new place is that there are endless experiences to discover, but surely the first question that comes to your mind is: where do I start? And it is common that when you start looking for what to visit, the first results will be the most touristy places, but what if somebody recommends you the places that the locals know and they may even be the most worthwhile?

The Local Way was born with the purpose of enhancing the Mexican culture and sharing it with the guests through the decor of our apartments, and with local recommendations to experience the side of Mexico City that you only see once you’ve been living here for a while.

Let us share our love for Mexico! Choose the apartment of your dreams to live in the city and reserve it now.

Temporary homes for a new way to stay in Mexico City, no matter if you’re in town for a couple of nights or a year. This is home away from home. 


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