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The Local Way

The perfect journey begins when you stay in the house you always dreamed of.

Mexico City, former capital of the Mexican Empire is a huge and contrasting metropolis with more than 700 years of history between its streets. Invariably, at some point in your journey, it extraordinary cultural diversity will intertwine it colors with your destiny.

At The Local Way we offer lodging in the best areas of the city, our homes are designed for travelers looking for something more than just a place to stay, we want to share with you that side of the city that only the residents know.

We promise you'll have one of the best travel experiences to stay with us, let us pass on our passion for design and the most sincere love for Mexico!

We are in love with our country! We encourage the development of the local economy, promote socially responsible activities and help preserve traditions by making use of our homes as galleries, where our interior designers give to the work of our local carpenters, artisans and Mexican artists the exhibition they deserve.

You must know that by staying with us, you will not be alone, we have a 24/7 hospitality service via telephone that will help you with all kinds of doubts about the property, our concierge will be in charge of recommending you the best places to visit, and if it’s about security, we have guards in each of our properties. After this, we know that it will be difficult to return home without missing us.

Welcome home!


Mexico is built day by day thanks to the hard work of its habitants; Creativity and respect for national traditions distinguish us as a company. At The Local Way we are ambassadors of the Mexican talent, a window into fair trade and a art exhibit.

Famous worldwide, Mexican textile art is a colorful expression that brings together traditions, cosmology and ancient customs in each piece; This cultural heritage is unique and invaluable in every region of the country, since depending on the environment where it occurs, the techniques, themes and materials vary.

All our spaces have original textiles and we have even salvaged pieces to recover their artisanal value. The textiles of Colorindio, Onora Casa and Lazo Artisan are also part of our spaces, among all we extol the Mexican textile tradition!

Carpentry is one of the first and most acclaimed trades rescued by the Spaniards in the chronicles of New Spain, it is recorded that our ancestors used to work the wood with great dexterity and that, in particular, the Mayas and Aztecs were great carvers.

One of our cabinetmakers is the defect Javier Hernández, a small producer who has been responsible for giving life to each of the designs that decorate our departments.

The three supports


Offer the best of customer service experiences, putting our heart in the interior design of our homes and make you feel like home, while stimulating the local economy and promoting Mexican culture through our properties.


We want to be the first option of lodging in Mexico, a window to fair trade and an example of entrepreneurship that helps to revalorize the name of our wonderful country through art, design and national traditions. Eventually, we will accompany you around the world with our world famous Mexican hospitality.


We are a socially responsible company, we daily promote respect for the local culture and pride ourselves on being a window to fair trade. We are committed to the environment and to provide excellent service to our customers; At all times we work honestly and harmoniously, without forgetting our philosophy and sense of belonging

Team TLW

Meet us

Nathalie Aboumrad
Founding Partner
Suri López
Operation Manager
Fernanda Delgadillo
Concierge, PR and Reservations
Beatríz Corona