In The Local Way we want to be your perfect guide so you can experience the best of Mexico City, this time we’ll review Mexico City’s Historic Downtown. This is the most visited touristic spot by far, in its streets you can find the city’s palaces as well as historical houses and buildings dated from the XVI Century, since there is so much to see we focus in our top 4 review so you can enjoy an amazing day.

For starters, you stop by “Café de Tacuba” to get delicious coffee with the classic “Conchas” a typical breakfast in Mexico City. This large house built in the XVII Century is located in Tacuba #20. This will give you the energy to keep up with the rest of our tour.

Photo by Café de Tacuba 

Our second stop is the National Museum of Art (MUNAL), here in the capital we divide our activities by month and during April, the stellar exhibits are: Caravaggio’s “One Work, One Legacy” and “Caravaggio Experience” which reflect the life and work of the Italian painter born in 1610, you will enjoy the temporal exhibit as well as the multisensory experience the MUNAL has ready for you.

 Photo by MUNAL

Two art exhibits might make you hungry… for you to walk on a happy stomach as the Mexican culture saying says, you must make a visit at the “Cantina la Ópera”. The third stop on our list is located in 5 de Mayo #10, here you will find a wide variety of Mexican and international cuisine.

Photo by la Ópera 

Our last but not least is the perfect place for you to admire the Main Square, the Cathedral and the beautiful roofs from the Downtown Mexico Terrace. This restaurant/bar provides a chill ambiance where you will be able to relax and have a quick getaway from the city streets, try the local bar mixology and enjoy a fresh spring night.

Photo by hotel Downtown CDMX

Ready, set and gone back to @TheLocalWay to plan a new visit to the beatiful City!

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