In Mexico City the change of seasons is not radical, given that most of the year we have an extraordinary weather although a major change does happen and it is the flowering of the Jacarandas.


The Jacarandas have arrived to Mexico! Contrary to popular belief, Jacarandas are not originally from this region, they are from Brazil and landed in Mexico by chance, the story started when President Pascual Ortiz Rubio observed that thousands of cherry trees had been planted in Washington DC as a friendship gift between the mayor of Tokyo and the mayor of said city in 1912, he thought it would be a good idea for Mexico City streets and contacted the Japanese embassy. This brings us to our second character, Tatsugoro Matsumoto. In 1987 Matsumoto arrived in Chiapas and as soon as he arrived he became the representative for landscaping of the wealthy people, he graduated as ueki-shi (professional gardeners), but was more inclined to an architectural landscaper. Tatsugoro came in contact with the presidency, which expressed his interest in having cherry trees in the city. Having an unusual vision and being familiar with the weather in Mexico City, he recommended that cherry trees were not appropiate, since they need a strong weather change between winter and spring, but he suggested a fantastic option B original from South America and that would find in Mexico an exceptional weather to come and stay. That is why every year at the end of March, when visiting this beautiful city you will see how a coincidence, a Japanese in love with Mexico and a beautiful tree, changed the spring in the capital of Mexico.

Temporary homes for a new way to stay in Mexico City, no matter if you’re in town for a couple of nights or a year. This is home away from home. 


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