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You’ve probably heard of Condesa, one of Mexico City’s favorite neighborhood. Famous for its attractive lifestyle, its incredible gastronomic offer and its nightlife. And also known for the charm and art deco details that preserve its streets and buildings, for its emblematic Parque México and Parque España, and for the local shops and traditional restaurants that still preserve that feeling that Condesa is still a neighborhood.

Inspired by that feeling, we chose 10 things to experience Condesa as a local:

1. Wake up in a bed of The Local Way (rumored that its sheets are the softest of the city).

2. Walk in the morning along the tree-lined avenue of Amsterdam.

3. Discover the block of Edificio Condesa and its local shops; on the corner of Agustín Melgar and Mazatlán, is Lardo, a restaurant by chef Elena Reygadas where they prepare one of the best breads in town: guava roll. Continuing along the street of Agustín Melgar, there is a small room attended by Mr. Arturo, who sells antique lamps. Few know that here are real treasures.

And on the other side of the block, on Juan de la Barrera, is Casa Selva, an establishment of floral designs that perfumes the walk of all passers-by. And very near there, you will find Luz Gráfika, a gallery dedicated to the graphic arts of the XX and XXI centuries. How do I get here?

Photo by Casa Selva

4. Visit El Hallazago and get lost in their collection of old books. How do I get here?

5. Try a seafood taco from El Pescadito and drink a barley water. How do I get here?

6. Eat a Roxy ice cream, or two. Our favorite is Mamey’s. How do I get here?

Photo by Andrea Muñiz

7. Enjoy an aperitif on one of The Local Way terraces. We recommend you to try Mezcal Amores or an artisan beer from Cervecería Allende (ask our Concierge for prices and availability in stock).

8. See a play in Foro Shakespeare. They always have good choices and the place is unique. How do I get here?

9. Try a beer at El Depósito. They have a great variety of national and international beers, Tempus or Minerva are good option, besides they are made in Mexico. How do I get here?

10. Visit Void, a store specializing in the best of past collections with luxury pieces, collectibles and vintage punk-rock clothing. How do I get here?

Foto por Void

Temporary homes for a new way to stay in Mexico City, no matter if you’re in town for a couple of nights or a year. This is home away from home. 


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